Mema’s Mission

MEMA’S MISSION was created in memory of Lou Mason. Lou was a Teacher’s Assistant with the Suffolk Public Schools. Her heart and passion for those in need was very evident when you met her. Lou would spend her Saturdays traveling from yard sale to yard sale purchasing clothing for children at her school. Many of these children did not have their water on at home so clothing was dirty as were the children.  Lou would give them clean clothing, snacks as well as hair items then wash their clothes at school for them. She would take them to the Nurses office there would be soap, wash clothes, tooth brush and tooth paste waiting for them.

Mema ~ Mema’s Mission

Mema saw how some children can be cruel and her heart hurt for the less fortunate so she did all she could to give them a happy normal life anyway she could.

Mema was a mom to me for many years. I started Mema’s Mission to keep her passion moving forward in caring for the less fortunate. We accept donations of clothing, shoes, furniture, cribs, toys, and gift cards (never cash). There are some items we must purchase new such as diapers, nipples for bottles, pacifiers, and wipes.  In the past week we have received so many phone calls of people in need. Even though demand is high our supply is very low right now.  With the generosity of people like you we are even able to help the homeless youth in VA Beach, VA and surrounding areas. They are in need of tents, blankets, and hygiene packets. If you or your group would care to donate any of these items please contact Bonnie Bradshaw 757-338-3344

You may drop off at 4165 Pruden Blvd. Suffolk, VA  23434 off of 460, but please call first to be sure I am there. I also travel Tidewater picking up yard sale items that did not sell.

God Bless you,

Bonnie Bright Bradshaw