Life Coaching Questionnaire

These are questions to be reviewed with your life coach on a weekly basis. By taking the time to ask and answer the following questions you will be holding yourself accountable to grow and mature as an individual. Your life coach’s responsibility is to be there each week as someone who cares about you as a person and wants you to become all that God wants you to be.

Please answer the questions to the best of your ability in each of the following eight domains.

Be as accurate and honest as possible. This questionnaire will help your life coach help you.



  1. How are you sleeping and eating?
  2. Are you taking care of yourself?
  3. Are you on medication? Is it working?
  4. Financially how are you doing? Have you incurred new debt or paid off old debt? Are you tithing?
  5. What did you do for exercise this week? How did you recreate?
  6. When and how did you rest?
  7. What is your overall physical and financial condition at this time?
  8. Did you do anything this week new or different?



  1. What did you think about this week? How did you occupy your mind?
  2. What did you watch on T.V., at the movies, or look at on your computer?
  3. What did you read this week?
  4. How much time did you spend in the Bible and what did you read?
  5. Were there any thoughts you struggled with this week? How did you deal with them and do you need help with them?
  6. What was your prayer life like?
  7. Did you have daily devotions and what did you focus on?
  8. What did you learn this week that is new knowledge for you?



  1. How do you feel?
  2. What were your moods like this week?
  3. Were you discouraged or depressed at all?
  4. Did you ever become afraid or anxious?
  5. How did you deal with your anger, hurts, and frustrations?
  6. What did you do with your emotions this week? How did you resolve them?
  7. Are there any emotions that are still troubling you?
  8. Did you experience joy, when and how?



  1. How did you feel about the meaning of your life this week?
  2. Did you ever feel lonely or neglected or unloved?
  3. Did you think your life made a difference this week?
  4. What was your stress level like?
  5. Did anything particularly cause you distress?
  6. What new experiences did you have and what did you learn?
  7. How are you a better or different person this week than you were last week?
  8. Where or how did you grow in wisdom?



  1. What is your relationship with God like at the end of this week?
  2. Did you have any hard or heart to heart talks with God?
  3. Are there spiritual things that you are wrestling with?
  4. What is Jesus like in your life right now? Are you closer or further away?
  5. What spiritual fruit did you see in your life this week?
  6. Did you sense the leading of the Holy Spirit in any way?
  7. How was God’s love revealed in your life this week?
  8. Did you gain any spiritual insights or discernment this week?



  1. What were your primary relationships like this week?
  2. Did you have any relationship problems?
  3. How much time did you spend with your primary relationships and what did you do?
  4. Did you feel hurt or betrayed in any way?
  5. Did you do anything to someone else that requires forgiveness?
  6. Do you need to forgive someone or work to restore a relationship?
  7. Was the trust broken in any of your significant relationships?
  8. What did you learn that was new about your relationships this week?



I want you to really sit back and think about what makes you happy. Don’t think about family, only think about things in your life that you have done you find joy, pleasure, peace about in a sense it makes you proud of yourself. It could be fundraising, baking, events, PTA, gardening, crafts, sewing, etc. This may take a couple of days, but really search your heart.

When you can make a list of those things give me your top 10. Then do the same thing for the top 10 items you really hate to do. Things when faced you dread having to deal with it.