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Who’s Circus Are You Living? Discovering The Value Of YOU

With all the demands placed on being a woman, have you forgotten who you are? Have you lived for everyone else so long you forgot the real you? Life can be a struggle and not always a bad one. Being everything to everyone can be fulfilling, but there comes a time when we realize it’s our turn. As you leave this POWERful talk you will take with you strategies to rediscover your unique self to bring to life the happy fulfilling life you were created to have. It’s your opportunity.


Awakening The Soul Inside Of Women

Do you have a dream? Is there life inside of you fighting to get out? Bonnie shows you how to energize your inner beauty and bring out the creativity to develop those dreams into your reality. Why are you waiting? Believing in the POWER locked up inside will create a fulfilling life.

Sisters attending this talk will walk away transforming their own inner self. Bonnie’s 6 Step
Strategy will help you empower, design and rediscover the Awakening Soul.

Personalized Programs
Need a Program or help in an area not addressed above? No worries, one of the great services I provide is personalized Programs. When you decide to bring me on as your speaker, I will first speak with you about what YOU are seeking. Then I will design your personalized program around what you or your business may need. Navigating through programs that are custom fit for your needs will help motivate and create the skills needed to overcome and inspire. I have experienced and overcame many different obstacles and I can help you do the same no matter what the challenge may be.



We are looking forward to many interview by webcam as well as radio talk shows providing women information about topics that effect us all. We will laugh, empower and yes maybe even shed a tear or two. Our goal is to provide each woman a time to listen, learn and heal. If you would write in a topic for discussion please send your request to bonnie@bonniespeaks.com and we will invite a guest speaker to help address those issues.

Our sofa is your sofa so get comfy, grab a note pad and pen for all the great nuggets.

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