Relationship Expert


What if you felt great about yourself, your business, your marriage, your children and your world at large every day?  That feeling that nothing can stop you and when things go wrong you bring the best out in people just by your attitude.

Understanding how to move past the hum-drum, daily motions and into a more exciting role can exhilarate you.

It’s easier than you think to have a happy life!

  Its Your Life. Enjoy The Ride!


Target Audiences:

Women’s events, women’s conferences, corporate groups and organizations, women’s foundations, and outreach groups and shelters for abused women.


Whose Circus Are You Living?

With all the demands placed on being a woman, have you forgotten who you are?  Have you lived for everyone else for so long you’ve forgotten the real you?  Life can be challenging and that’s not always a bad thing. Being everything to everyone can be fulfilling, but there comes a time when you realize it’s your turn. After leaving Bonnie’s POWERful presentation, you will take strategies with you to rediscover your unique self and create the happy, fulfilling life you were destined to have. It’s your time, and the time is now.


Awakening The Soul Inside Of Women

Do you have a dream?  Is there something inside of you fighting to get out? Bonnie shows you how to energize your inner beauty and bring out the creativity to develop those dreams into your reality. Why are you waiting? Believing in the POWER that’s locked up inside will create a fulfilling life.  Sisters attending this talk will walk away transforming their inner self. Bonnie’s 6 Step Strategy will help you empower, design and rediscover the Awakening Soul.


Living Two Lives But Aching For More

Who says you can’t have it all? Hog wash!  Do you have a career you love and a family you adore, but there seems to be something missing? No, there is nothing wrong with you; it’s creativity longing to be released.  Is there a program you want to develop? A book that needs to be written? A designer waiting to emerge?  Allow yourself the privilege of discovering your soul desires.  After attending this presentation, you will have the tools to recognize and produce creatively because you’ll understand what’s really going on inside of you.


Meet Bonnie Bradshaw

Bonnie is a Certified Professional Life Coach who is passionate about helping women who struggle with everyday life. She helps them balance family, career, and gracefully manage situations that seem impossible to handle. Divorce, separation, loss of job, going back to school, the economy, or just being overworked and feeling unappreciated, are just a few of the topics Bonnie helps women not just manage, but master.  This sought after speaker teaches tried and proven practical, effective techniques, which help women create a life filled with purpose, enthusiasm, desire and strength.