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The Scoop ~  About Bonnie



Maria Cronin

Bonnie Bradshaw is the most creative person I have seen in a long time. She is a true professional at everything she wants to accomplish.

Maria Cronin
Certified Nursing Assistant at CNA

Melanie Eatherton

Bonnie is very passionate about what she does and it shows in all her work. Job well done! I highly recommend Bonnie’s services.
Melanie Eatherton

Jose Damasso Ramon

Passion, love creativity are taken to new levels of achievement when Bonnie Bradshaw is in charge.

Jose Damasso Ramon
(National University of Colombia)

Ashely Dangerfield

What an amazing story and message Bonnie Bradshaw delivers, but most of all her passion for helping others is so genuine that it makes working with her such a pleasure!

Ashely Dangerfield
(CEO/President at Positive Life Network)

Ingrid Kern

When we cease to be students we stop growing. You, as a teacher working with children, will never stop growing. What a blessing for the next generation to have you sharing your wisdom, your passion, your love and compassion with them and in return share their love and gratitude with you. A complete circle. you have my respect and admiration and I truly wish you the greatest success in all your endeavors.

Ingrid Kern
(Nourmand & Associates)

Josefina Thompson

I strongly recommend Bonnie, very professional and passionate about her business with youth.

Josefina Thompson
(College Of Southern Navada)

Kings Fork Middle School

Bonnie spoke at our school for Career Day (Kings Fork Middle School), she was exciting, funny, and answered questions for each of us. She gave us information to take as well as created a desire in me to be a writer/speaker.


Faith Alive

Bonnie spoke for our Youth Group (Faith Alive) about giving back and not always looking for what’s in it for me. She gave real examples of our ability to be creative in helping others. She is exciting, funny, and passionate about youth.


Thank You!

You were there when no one else was for me. When you said you loved me I didn’t believe you. I thought you were just like the other people who walk into and right out of your life. Words have always been just words to me.
You showed me there are people out there who really do care. Who are there to help you either in person, by phone or Internet. I have always been able to ask you a question and get an honest answer. You are straight forward, honest and caring about others.

Thank you


She worked with me helping to get me into a program that taught me other things I needed to know about being a man. Now, I am married, have a child in that order. Have my GED and try everyday to be the husband my wife should have and the father to my daughter that I never had. A role model, wow never thought I could say that about myself. I am a role model to my daughter because of Bonnie Bradshaw.

Former Foster Child

I first met Bonnie when I was 15 sitting in a room at a local social services. I had my reputation to up hold so sat and listened to her. She wanted to take me in to be a part of her family. Sure I thought to myself, you wait in a week you will want me gone, I told myself. I can now say she is one thick headed woman. She could see right through me from the beginning. I tested her like no other and she hung in there with a tight grip. the whole time talking to me and teaching me about life and choice.

More Bonnie Love

My name is Donald Myer Page and I am writing to tell you a little about what Bonnie Bradshaw means to me. I was 15 when I met Bonnie for the first time. I was in foster care and I was placed in her home, at the time I thought she was just another foster parent in it for the money. I soon found out that I was wrong. I push them and pushed them until one day I was removed from the Bradshaw home. That was fine with me at the time because I thought I was top dog and did not think I needed anybody. One day it hit me that if I did not get out of where I was I was going to wind up either in jail or dead. I asked Bonnie and her husband to please take me back and give me another chance. She once again took me into her home, this is when I realized that she was different from the rest of the foster parents I had, had in the past. She helped me get me life straight. She put me in a program called The Commonwealth Challenge. That is where I was able to get me GED and got out of my former way of life.

Well then came the day that I turned 18 and once again I was top dog and did not have to follow anybody’s rules. So I left the Bradshaw house. I thought I could make it on my own, I was top dog once again. About three weeks later I returned to the Bradshaw’s door. I swallowed my pride and told her that I was sorry for the way I had acted and that I had not eaten a meal or showered in three days. She once again took me in, fed me, allowed me to take a shower, and sleep in her home. It was at this time I realized I was truly home.

No matter how much I pushed her away she stuck in there and showed me her love for me. She always believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. She was always there to push me to be a better man even when I did not want her to. She has always been a shoulder for me to lean on whenever I needed it. Bonnie Bradshaw is more than a foster parent to me, she is and always will be my mom! It is because of her I now have the life I do. I have a wife and a beautiful little girl and we share a wonderful life together, and I owe that all to Bonnie. Without her there to guide me I would most likely be dead or in jail, and I am truly grateful to her for making me the man I am today!

Donald M. Page

Nancy Stevens

“Bonnie’s enthusiasm, passion, and courage to speak about tough topics is not only
contagious, but it makes her the perfect candidate to speak at engagements where the
message desperately needs to be heard.

Bonnie is uplifting and funny, but also has the tough-girl instincts it takes to push her
listeners to achieve their current goals and strive to set new ones that direct the course of their future.

Bonnie places her heart into each message and makes them available to those in need – via several different venues on the internet and in person. She is an asset to any organization where she serves. It is my honor to refer her to you for consideration in your project.”

Nancy Stevens
Freelenace Writer and Editor
N L Stevens

A Childs Silent Cry

“I’ve known Bonnie for the past 5 years. Bonnie was actively involved in the
student ministry of Faith Alive with me, specifically in the area of leadership. The
following are among the many strengths that Bonnie has demonstrated.

  • Her general work habits are excellent.
  • She has a compassionate and constructive attitude toward students in her care.
  • She has been willing to be flexible in her work assignments.
  • She demonstrates a sincere desire to work with adults and students in our ministry.
  • She has been an outstanding example to our students through demonstrating

Godly character and convictions.
I write this recommendation with no hesitation. Bonnie was an excellent team
member in our ministry and was a asset to our leadership at Faith Alive.”

Rev. Stephen Bellavia